little Sinful

Having a lazy sunday
Just a little Sinful.

To boldly go

So after some tipsy shopping I received this.
My ex wife played with a vibe up there once  so thought I would try again and see what I could find It went in a lot easier than I thought it would and felt good but couldn't find the elusive lil prostate. The search will continue.:)

Forgotten Things

Forgotten things

So whilst getting my place ready for Christmas I came across this in a drawer a gift from an old girlfriend and decided to give them another airing before they get consigned back to the back of the drawer.

Merry Christmas.


Well whaddaya know They do work.

Bought some glow in the dark condoms earlier in the year,

Working late

Working Late

He looked out through the window into the small car park outside to watch her pull in her silver convertible glimmering in the security lights outside.
The headlights went off as the engine was switched off and the drivers door opened and out she got.

She was wearing a long jacket belted at the middle and shiny patent shoes with heels longer than he had seen her wear.

As she walked towards the door of the building a smile across her red lips he knew this was going to be good.
She walked into the office where he was standing undoing the belt and opening her coat as she walked.
she was in front of him now her ample breasts contained within a black bra he looked at her taking it all in the black matching underwear and stockings.

He could feel his cock hardening she came close and they kissed passionately and his hands were on her soft skin, She bit his lip as he grabbed her breast and slid his hand down the front of her knickers to feel her warmth.
She was already very wet f…

Sinful sunday 2

Merry christmas one and all.

(That was itchy )